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Spring Awakening

What happens if you’ve never been allowed to explore where your boundaries lie, or how to respect those of others?

Being at the age of developing identity and sexuality, teenagers are in the most tumultuous stage of their lives when it comes to exploring themselves and others. During this journey a lot can go wrong.

Frank Wedekind wrote his famously controversial play Spring Awakening, which was made into a musical more than a decade later, to present to the audience what can happen as a result of poor communication between adults and children. This adaptation of the play takes Wedekind’s 1891 teenagers and their struggles to 2022 in a fresh mixture between play and musical theatre.


Ernst - Roman Brasser

Vader - Peter Boven

Viool - Jasmijn Burger

Martha - Sofia Ferri

Melchior - Jacob de Groot
Moritz - Rowan Kievits
Wendla - Sabine van Kuipers
Hanschen - Levi Middendorp

Ilse - Emma van Muiswinkel

Moeder - Imke Smit


Regie - Igor Cugat

Scenografie - Rae Elstak

Technische Productie - Wim Wildenbeest

Productie - Isha Plug


Kostuum - Alex van den Akker

Dramaturgie - Lotte Melkert

Arrangementen - Nick Verschoor


Licht - Roan Lo-a-Njoe

Geluid - Erwin Sterk, Kiki Heslenfeld

Fotografie - Milan Van Welden

This show was created as a result of a research and only for educational purposes. Presented as a closed performance for teachers and students. There were no profits made from it.

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